8 Amazingly simple ways to increase dental case acceptance rate


Posted by Square Practice on Mar 10, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Case acceptance rates aren't something that you should take personally. That being said, there are ways that you can help boost your rates. Not only is it good for your practice's bottom line, it's imperative to the long-term dental health of the people within your service area.

  1. Tweak your treatment plan presentation
    Whether you or one of your staff members delivers the treatment plan presentation to your patients, set aside some time to monitor patient reactions as the plan is put into action. What kind of feedback are you receiving from patients? Don't leave yourself out of this analysis as you could be making mistakes without realizing it.
  2. Get personal with reminders
    While text messaging is often the preferred method of reminders for busy patients these days, they lack a certain personal touch and can be easy to ignore. Instead, make sure that texting is not the only method of communication.
  3. Make sure your team is on the same page
    The dental personnel you hire have a huge impact on the experience of your patients. Make sure that you train all staff on ensuring that patients have access to a caring, safe and welcoming environment. All members of your team should be personable and friendly.
  4. Relate to patients on their level
    Of course, you have the expertise to deliver a professional assessment and treatment plan of the issues at hand. However, your delivery of this presentation is the key to a successful patient-dentist interaction. Encourage discussion with patients to ensure that their questions are answered and that they understand the reasoning for your recommendations.
  5. Make reaching out to patients part of your protocol
    Following up with patients who need treatment but have not scheduled it, is a good way to wrap up the day. Encourage your staff to reach out to a certain number of patients with gentle treatment reminders. Make sure to maintain a list of those who were called to avoid repeating the process too soon.
  6. Offer payment options
    Like many other issues in life, the number one reason why so many people fail to stay current on their preventative dental care is the cost. Offering a variety of payment and financing options -- those that originate in-house as well as those that use outside agencies -- is something that should be emphasized with all patients, regardless of what you think their personal life is like.
  7. Verbalize the risks of delaying treatment
    In today's environment of instant information, your patients probably already know the importance of having regular dental care. What they might not be as informed about is the potential short and long-term risks that could occur if they delay treatment. In addition to a potential loss of teeth and other health issues, remind patients that delaying treatment now could be more costly for them in the future.
  8. Schedule the next appointment today
    When you have a patient in the office, this is the ideal time to schedule their next appointment. Not only is their treatment plan fresh in their mind, making a follow-up appointment at that time heads off the self-talk that a patient can engage with themselves later. This often results in a litany of reasons why they shouldn't call to make that next appointment.

The above methods are simple ones to implement into your dental practice. Just adding a few of them into your everyday routine can reap huge dividends without taking up a great deal of time.