Going the extra mile to delight your patients and grow your dental practice


Posted by Square Practice on Feb 10, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Getting your dental patients inside your office for the first time is just the beginning. Growing your practice means going the extra mile to delight your patients. While every dental practice is different, here are some ideas that you can put into practice today.







  1. Renovate with an eye to the futureWhether your practice needs a full-on renovation or a simple remodel is in order, make sure the design format you choose accommodates your future plans. Work closely with professionals with experience in planning state-of-the-art dental practice environments to create a layout that works now and with any future goals you have. During this process, your interior designer and architect will be your team partners with everyone keeping the same goals in mind.
  2. Leave room for future growthWhile this can seem like it ties into the above suggestion, it actually means a different sort of growth. Though your practice might be small at this time -- and perhaps you want to keep it that way to offer a personal touch to your patients -- consider adding in other specialists and options as a courtesy service to your patients. For example, a visiting oral surgeon who makes a rotational visit to your practice every few weeks allows patients to continue to receive care in an environment in which they feel comfortable without having to drive elsewhere and start the new patient process all over again.
  3. Offer a payment planDental insurance is not an option for everyone. Offering a monthly payment plan that provides preventative services such as cleanings and x-rays can help bring patients back into your office. Since prevention is a key element of dental care, offering a monthly payment plan gives patients without insurance an affordable method of staying current on their dental health.
  4. Make it funHighlighting important elements of dental care -- such as prevention, for example -- can be achieved more successfully by infusing a bit of humor and fun into its presentation. One idea is for you and your staff to dress up as a tube of toothpaste or carry giant toothbrushes around as you hand out free dental floss and toothbrushes.
  5. Be customer service orientedIn the end, you are offering a service and your patients are choosing to come to your dental practice. Treating them well by focusing on providing superior customer service helps make a trip to the dentist -- something that some of your patients will be anxious about -- more pleasant and bearable.
  6. Provide an informative websiteChances are your dental patients will want or need to find you online. Make it easy for them to locate you even if they don't remember all of your pertinent details. Make sure, too, that your website is optimized for mobile use and that it offers intuitive features.

Growing your dental practices means staying focused on what your patients want and need. It also involves thinking outside the box regarding the future.