HR Insights with Ali: The Importance of Acknowledging Exceptional Employee Performance

Posted on 3/8/2017 by Ali Oromchian, Esq.

As most employers realize, a happy employee is a productive employee. But a fact which is often misunderstood by many employers is what, exactly, leads to dissatisfaction among their workforce. Rather than disliking their work, pay, or benefits, many employees end up leaving their current jobs because they do not feel valued. This results in increased expenses for hiring and training new employees - expenses which could have been avoided had the original hard-working employees felt more valued for their efforts. 

The best employees are those who feel a personal connection to their job and make it their goal to achieve success for themselves and for your practice. But these same employees are the ones most likely to feel aggrieved when their dedication goes unrecognized. You can increase your chances of retaining the high-value members of your workforce by taking steps to ensure that they receive the recognition they deserve.

While taking the time to acknowledge your stellar employees may not seem like a high priority when you are addressing many important issues on a daily basis, it is important to set aside time to do so. HR for HEALTH can assist you with this process and minimize the time invested on your end to make employee recognition a simpler, more frequent occurrence. With HR for HEALTH’s “Kudos” program, you can acknowledge your employees in a quick and simple way. If you have any questions, simply open a support ticket titled “Kudos” and one of our representatives will be happy to tell you more about our Kudos management system for recognizing great performance.